Your personal surfing assessment: Surf Insight ISA Level 2

Currently due to Covid-19 we have no availablity for ISA courses until further notice. 

At Surf Insight Level 2 you’re already coming to us with solid surf competency ready to coach intermediates and up to advanced surfers in surf camps and surf schools and surf clubs. There is no surfing assessment at Level2 but it’s obvious a decent ability is required. You can make turns on the open face, complete manoeuvres and have good wave catching ability. This can all be done on a short board, mid range or longboard.
We learn so much from each other on the Surf Insight ISA Level 2 and in coaching each other we learn the key elements that will affect the coaching we deliver in the future. Positive praise, constructive criticism and learning too that everyone has a different style and that our coaching must often adapt to that style. Video is such a massive key to seeing how instant feedback can change a surfer’s perception of a skill in just a moment.
“A true mentor that cares about your development and evolution as a coach and surfer!  I have so much respect for what he does and the passion he puts into his teaching and making sure we succeed and become the best we can be!”

Joao Durao Portuguese National Squad ISA Level 2

We run dummy heats and coaching sessions which we video. If you have no interest in competition surfing it’s fine,  just taking part in them and judging others can be so rewarding in your learning curve and the feedback you give others. Surfing as we know is about fun and as strange as it may sound skill acquisition and being able to deliver skills the right way can be the most fun for the coach and the surfer.
So here is some video to show you the level of surfing we require. It’s not the pro tour but in control and we hope flowing with a good start and a good end to the ride.
sri lanka waves
SURF SCHOOL lanzarote
SURF SCHOOL lanzarote
SURF SCHOOL lanzarote
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