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The Surf Insight ISA Level 2 Surf Instructor course in Sri Lanka

Currently due to Covid-19 we have no availablity for ISA courses until further notice. 

Ask any surfer on a surf camp or surf school beginner course at basic club level what their own personal dreams and aspirations are? They may just say “ well stand and ride in “ but , really ask them, and we start getting the true answers from many , like “flow across and unbroken waves , do big radical turns , style out on a longboard and even, of course, get tubed ! This is where the good ISA Level 2 comes in as vital catalyst to expanding everyone’s personal surfing to the levels that they can achieve. At Surf Insight we’ve seen total beginners become National Champions and Level 2 Instructors become coaches to National Squads. The Surf Insight ISA Level 2 course is unique.
We start by introducing you the importance of organising your own coaching schedules and planning and how your excellence in coaching can be networked to encourage effective business relationships. As we know from the ISA Level 1 course we need to constantly monitor our own coaching goals and where there is a plan A there will always be a plan B and C to put into effect if needed.

Let’s look at the modules we will encounter and don’t forget Surf Insight does not do “Death by Power Point “! This is all about discussion, involvement and feedback … just like your coaching.

Teaching is the introduction of a new skill and concept. Coaching is the perfection of that skill and the understanding of that concept.’

– Tim Jones 2017

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“Tim is a great inspiration and it was a pleasure to spend both level 1 and level 2 ISA courses with him and experience all of his knowledge and advice.”

Joao Durao  Portuguese National Squad ISA Level 2

So let’s look at the vital course components you will cover with us on the Surf Insight ISA Level 2 Do read them carefully. Is surf coaching for you at ISA Level 2?
Module 1: Coaching Preparation
The surfers in your care in Level 2 will demand almost daily goal setting and this demands a holistic approach that covers everything from physical and psychological preparation to a greater understanding of their equipment, wave usage and the ocean environment.

Planning at Level 2 is everything and we focus on how in the ever changing environment of surfing being adaptive and innovative is something that should become second nature to a good surf coach. We will mentor you through your 40 hours practical and during this time the realities of planning your coaching become second nature to you.

This is the environment we create and not just what exists around us. How we relate to the many and varied personalities we will encounter and develop positive coaching relationships with. How do we manage the group dynamics we will encounter, what equipment they will need and what their own personal goals are as well as yours as the coach.

Of super importance to us is recognizing in each surfer we coach how best each individual will  learn. None of us are the same in the way we absorb information or process feedback.  Is it by explanation, visualization, demonstration, participation and usually by a subtitle mixture of all? Our use of in depth video analysis at Surf Insight is often a key to this approach.

To us at our schools Surf School Sri Lanka and Surf School Lanzarote and our channel Surf Insight we in fact never say “good bye” to those we coach. By creating the most positive of teaching and coaching environments  we know that those we coach stay in touch with us, use us as a source of ongoing information and of course we always see them again. This is a tremendous advantage to any commercial operation or the creation of a successful club.

So many of us see this subject as something we either love or hate the idea of. But in surfing, in truth, we are always judging those around us and particularly self judging ourselves. This section becomes so much fun as we get to see how our other course members see our surfing and by quantifying the surfing of others and our own we get vital feedback in how to improve performance. Not only the performance of others on the course, but also our own.  We use video of course extensively in this section and we link it into modern competition surfing to reflect on our own surfing.

Of course this subject will have been covered in your ISA Level 1 but now we return to it with the consideration especially of the new venues we will be using at this level… bigger waves, coaching on colder or hotter days, reefs and more challenging or even more perfect conditions. So we now to return to this subject with particular focus on Venue Analysis and your legal responsibilities. Where you coach can often be as important as how you coach!

Module 2: Athlete Preparation
When we first surf often the learning curve is very steep but here at this level it’s often the physical challenges of surfing that flattens that curve. Surf Insights coaching system make sure that we produce coaches who can at all levels back their surfers up with solid fitness development prescriptions. We make sure that our coaches are aware of how they can limit the chances of injury and when injury occurs, how to promote recovery with professional help.

So we expand on the principles of training in regards to ever changing and happily developing world of sports science. Don’t be fooled by the word “Athlete” we’re not talking about just the top junior comp surfer at your local club but those who are developing their surfing through your surf schools and camps.

We give you the chance to understand how to give dry land training programs, deal with questions on surfer nutrition and particularly how to work with those of different sexes and age groups.  At Surf School Lanzarote and Surf School Sri Lanka we get as many questions about surf fitness as we do board design and places to surf.

Although not a physical skill and just to confuse you.. a physical skill …we introduce the idea of mediation and sports physiology . Meditation and visualisation is common tool now in top competitive surfers and at our schools we introduce it at all levels of surfer, from beginner onwards. At our school in Sri Lanka we work closely with Head Space, probably the world’s most well known on line meditation app. Andy Puddicombe one of the founders is a surfer, good friends with Tim and a member of the British Olympic Squad Psychology Department working with many top athletes. But Tim and Andy know this wonderful skill works at all levels of surfer and yes .. you can do some on the course.

Module 3: Coaching Athletes
This module is often every ones favourite as it’s going to hugely improve your own surfing as well as those you coach. We show you in details the core forces that we operate with while surfing, the Board, Wave, Body, G Force and our old friend Gravity.

We have a unique system at Surf Insight that we use from total beginners to ultra top surfers. We coach top coaches to use this system to great effect and the best thing about it that’s its simple and easily understood by all.

We focus very much on the teaching of repeated dry land movements to replicate our body kinaesthetic while on the wave. Ever wondered while many martial artists practise Kata? All on their own, slowly moving through their movements like blocks and strikes? Well just like us, as surfers, we will need to be moving through body movements not only with speed and accuracy but also of awareness of what we are doing in that moment. We coach you just how to show those that you coach the mechanics of every body movement. In this way we reduce errors in ourselves and see the errors in others surfing and can help them.

Our Instructors on the ISA instructor courses in Sri Lanka love getting to analysis each other’s surfing and learn the body mechanics and board control that not only make them better coaches but better surfers themselves .

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SURF SCHOOL lanzarote
SURF SCHOOL lanzarote
SURF SCHOOL lanzarote
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