The Surf Insight ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor course in Sri Lanka

Currently due to Covid-19 we have no availablity for ISA courses until further notice. 

The International Surfing Association Level 1 is the most internationally recognized Surfing Instructor award. At Surf Insight we deliver this course in the most comprehensive and innovative way. This award is the foundation of your future surf teaching so we approach each module of the course in a way that motivates and inspires you to be the best. Find out more about the ISA at
Let’s look at the modules and structures that you will cover in the ISA Level 1. The course does require 100% attendance and we always give 100% back to the instructors in our care, as we know you will, to those you coach. Your feedback and active participation on the course is vital and all modules are set in an open discussion and dialog format. We use group workshops to let the interaction with others on the course expand your knowledge and insight. This course, as all ISA courses, is about your involvement and continual assessment.

Teaching is the introduction of a new skill and concept. Coaching is the perfection of that skill and the understanding of that concept.’

– Tim Jones 2017

“This course changed me from amateur to professional surf instructor providing all the confidence, safety and technique that I needed.”

Florent Lapeyre France ISA Level 1

So let’s look carefully at the vital course components you will cover with us at Surf Insight.
Is surf coaching for you at ISA Level 1?
1. The Role of the Coach
We open up the vital role that a good teacher of surfing makes to the lives of those in their care. We want to be not only a technically excellent coach, but also as an ambassador for our sport. Someone with solid communication skills who is able enthuse others to take responsibility for themselves, the environment around them and others in the line up, no matter their abilities and in a safe and supportive manner.
2. The Safety of the Surfer in your care
Surfing as a sport, lifestyle and passion has some inherent concerns and sometimes dangers. As a coach and / or surf school / surf camp owner this section is so vital. In this module we cover what risks you may encounter in detail and how to minimize those risks while coaching.

We discuss our own ISA guidelines that are linked to what’s called Duty of Care. Vital in all surf coaching or event scenarios is also a Risk Assessment, Normal Operating Procedures, Emergency Action Plans and Booking Forms. We teach you how to understand and operate with these important documents and how that will limit dangers to you and those you coach.

3. The Equipment for the Beginner Surfer
Often overlooked on instructor courses is the knowledge you need about the equipment you will use. The world of beginner boards is changing dramatically and our company designs and constructs softboards and epoxy boards. We give you a detailed insight to not only surfboards and how they function but wetsuits, leashes, identification vests and all the other hardware you will need to make your coaching the most professional and enjoyable.
4. Coaching Methods
Modern sports coaching has changed dramatically over the last 20 years and we’ve drawn on the latest coaching methods at Surf Insight to give you the chance to implement your own personal approach to these methods.

We use the key elements of Explanation, Demonstration, Participation and Positive Feedback to give structure and success to your surfing lessons and coaching. All of which require planning. We know that we are not just constantly evaluating the success of those we coach but always evaluating the effectiveness of our own coaching methods.

We believe at Surf Insight that each person can be given an individual and realistic goal in their surfing and helping to attain that goal, no matter the level of the surfer’s ability, is our job.

5. Skill Developmant
Surfing is an amazing sport full of very varying skills. We are mixtures of swimmers, contact sports players, gymnasts and all needing the reflexes of a skilled martial artist. Skill development in surfing is never ending process as coaches and for those you coach at all stages.

We use at Surf Insight the Whole /Part / Whole method of skill development using Key Words.  ISA Level 1 award takes those we coach to the level of riding left and right across waves, not just white water riding and with that paddle out skills too.  So the range of techniques you will learn with us is huge. Learning to coach core beginner skills leading to intermediate skills makes our course so different.

6. Program Planning
We can have the best of communication skills, personal skills, conditions and equipment but without planning and post session evaluation our coaching is often unsuccessful. We will be giving you a structured, tried and tested lesson plan devised by Surf Insight that you can adapt to your own coaching needs. In workshops we will further extend the idea of planning and we can see how others in our group will approach 1 day 3 day and multiple day coaching plan. This is vital to for the new growth of multi day surf courses and surf camps worldwide. You can, before our course, match the lesson plan we give you to the video resource you will have.
SURF SCHOOL lanzarote
SURF SCHOOL lanzarote
SURF SCHOOL lanzarote
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